Stop Motion, Germany ca. 1993, 3 min
Super-8, 4:3, b&w, silent

idea, camera, driver: Bernd Lützeler

director’s statement
One winter in the early nineties I felt I wanted to document the no man's land that still divided East and West Berlin. So I took my car and tried to trace the route of what used to be with the Berlin Wall. After some time I realized that it's not really possible to drive along the former "Death Strip", and walking would be much better. But since it was winter, snowy and freezing cold, I continued in my car. After a couple of hours, my camera's built-in intervalometer started to become increasingly inaccurate, often exposing three frames instead of one. That day, I completed the stretch from the East Side Gallery all the way up to Hermsdorf. Later, when I saw what I had shot, I decided to start all over in the summer, which never happened.