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(*1967, Düsseldorf) studied Fine Arts and Media Art at the University of the Arts Berlin, where he completed Maria Vedder's master class in 2003. He lives and works as an artist and filmmaker between Berlin and Mumbai. His films have been shown at venues and festivals worldwide, including Centre Pompidou, Rotterdam Film Festival, San Francisco Cinematheque, Views from the Avant-Garde and many more. Bernd is an active member of the artist-run analogue filmlab LaborBerlin.

about my work
In my films, installations and expanded cinema works I often explore the techniques of moving image production and presentation in interrelation with their form and perception. Therefore, loops, found footage and the disclosure of DIY- (Jugaad) and analogue technologies have become an integral part of my work. I am an active member of the artist-run filmlab LaborBerlin e.V., a space where filmmakers can process, edit and copy their own films on 8 and 16mm celluloid film. Another strong influence in my work are the aesthetics of popular Indian culture. Over the last sixteen years I have spent a significant amount of time in Mumbai where some of my projects were produced. What fascinates me, is seeing universal global themes like urban angst, mass media or migration gaining an emphasis against the backdrop of inequality and overpopulation in contemporary urban India.

selected press
Tanul Thakur about Camera Threat on TheWire 2017
Philip Widmann about the Voice of God for Image Forum Festival, Japan 2016
Alejandro Bachmann über Unterwegs mit Maxim Gorkiy bei aufsmaulsuppe 2016
Philip Widmann about Traveling with Maxim Gorkiy for Arkipel Festival Jakarta, Indonesia 2015
Arnaud Hée about the Voice of God on Critikat 2012
Domitila Radharane about the Voice of God on Janela Crítica 2011
Jury-Begründung der FBW für the Voice of God 2011

Camera Threat - experimental film, 30 min
Analogue Natives - film installation (in development), 35mm
Phillum Masala - experimental film (in development), 35mm
Ein Tonfilm - experimental film, Super-8
Fultu Faltu Filim - experimental film, 35mm
Batagur Baska (by Guido Möbius) - 2016, music video, Super-8, 7 min
Nola's saloN - 2014, room installation with three Super-8 film loops and sound
Unterwegs mit Maxim Gorkiy - 2014, experimental film, Super-8, 11 min
K? - 2011, multimedia theatre performance, 30 min
the Voice of God - 2011, experimental film, 35mm, 10 min
Rapid Eye Love - 2005, experimental film, Super-8, 4 min
True Love is just Filmi - 2003, experimental video, 15 min
Eternal Showdown - 1998, film loop, Super-8, infinite duration
The Suspect Usual - Spirale des Verbrechens - 1998, experimental video, 18 min
Schallmann - 1996, radio play, 6 min
Loop-o-Rama - 1995-2000, film installation, various Super-8 film loops in panoramic projection
Walls Projection Project - 1994, slide installation with sound, 20 min
Rauschlitanei - 1993, experimental video loop, S-VHS, 1 min
Zeit im Bild - 1992, painted film, Super-8, 2 min