How to Build a House out of Wreckage and Rags
found footage film, Germany 2021, 8 mins
Super-8/DCP, 1:1.37, 24fps, colour, stereo

Light Cone Paris

found footage film, Germany 2021, 7 mins
Super-8/DCP, 1:1.37, 24fps, colour, stereo

idea, edit: Bernd Lützeler
image: Super-8 material, shot in San Francisco 1969, film rolls found at Chor Bazar, Mumbai 2014
camera & performance: unknown
scanned at NoMasala Films
audio: lifted from the 16mm Christian missionary film "Streets of the Walking Dead", shot in Calcutta, India, (P) 1954 International Gospel League
text & voiceover: Nelda Dooley
anchor man: Lee Thomas
a NoMasala Films creation

not yet premiered ...

California in the 1950's and 60's. A young Indian couple enjoys their personal American dream come true in their home somewhere in the suburbs of San Francisco. In great detail they demonstrate their newly achieved wealth in front of their Super-8 camera. Around the same time, an American missionary couple visits the city of Calcutta to shoot a Christian propaganda film. The drastic reality of poverty and famine in the streets of the Indian metropolis fits perfectly into their wicked plan: To promote the believe in Christ by showing the misery that pagan believers are doomed to suffer from.

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